Introducing: Fashion Your Lifestyle

What is "Fashion Your Lifestyle"?

What are the things comes to your mind when you hear the words style or fashion? Is it about latest design in clothes, shoes and handbags? From google dictionary, style or fashion has the same definition: "the popular trend". What about lifestyle? In United Kingdom, lifestyle seems to define the latest home interior design, the way of living like having "organic food" for diet, holidays, popular sports, the latest release fastest car, the new mobile phone and the most high-tech gadget.

For me, all of these are very nice to know and expensive to have.  Being able to understand how much I must and could spend in relation to my earnings, know and what I can do on the resources available around me to save money, are the big factors to manage and keep a balance lifestyle. Style and fashion in life has a simpler meaning to me, "the manner of doing something".

Hi! I am Angelica, a mother, housewife, part-time employed, self-appointed home finance manager and personal assistant of my husband and my irresistible six year old gorgeous son. I am also responsible for home maintenance and overall resource management which role is about looking after the activities and food to achieve a healthy and happy living. Yes, it is a busy lifestyle. A fashion that I am stuck to have. But I chose not to be this busy anymore. I want to make room for other activities I want to do. So I gradually changed the way I do things and still achieve the results that I must have, and successfully gain the results I choose to have. In other words, I redesign my lifestyle to the fashion, that suits me. I would like to share what are working for me.

Time Management

First action I did to changed my lifestyle is creating a digital Personal Assistant (PA). I use a free google calendar to logged my routines with alarm so I can be reminded.  The calendar syncs with my mobile phone and also with tablet. I also gets reminder through Chrome when I am using my laptop or desktop.

The routine of plotting all my activities in my calendar made my everyday existence in the today's busy times simple, easy and enjoyable. Then I discovered I hit a jackpot! I found a good amount of free time, which I think was always there. I was so puzzled how I lost these free time! By reviewing the days without my digital PA, I found that there is a lot of time I spent on little maƱanas, self-encouraged distractions to avoid tasks and watching television.
TIP: If you are going to use an alarm to remind you to do something, try setup the sound that can cheer you immediately to start the job. 

Resource and Finance Management

Since I become part-time employed, I started to chose activities that does not incur cost, or if it did, it should be worth it. I also like designing and making things - crafting. So I apply crafting in practical use. I create things instead of buying.  I spent my time creating rather searching for it to buy. I make these things while traveling by car as a passenger, sewing or writing while my son plays football outdoors.

TIP: Make a list of projects you like to do. Classify this into two: projects that need thinking, and projects that don't need the brains to work. 
When alone or in your controlled environment, choose to do projects that requires thinking. If you are in s situation that your son, husband or partner is around and will sure to bother you, choose a project that do not require much of your brain to work. 
If you like to calm down and want to move projects to next stage, you can still do your projects that will calm you down.  These are most likely do not require thinking like sewing.

Keep on moving...

We do have things we want to do, but never get around to start. It has been my desire to write ten years ago. Finally, I reached the point that all is needed to make it happen is move on and do it.

So one morning while drinking coffee, in front of the breakfast bar overlooking sunny garden, I had a sudden realisation of what I want to write. I am very sure that this is it, because of the "butterflies in my stomach". I want to write only about that made and will make me feel good. It is my way of emphasizing the beautiful things happens in life in FashionYourLifestyle.COM.

FashionYourLifestyle.COM is my second weblog. I setup my first weblog (which I am slowly closing it down), to help me understand about blogging. However, writing had become difficult. I was lost on what to write. Thank you to Yaro's report on blog-profits-blueprints from his website www.entrepreneurs-journey, it had put me back on track. So after going through his few blogs in I started writing the first blog of FashionYourLifestyle.COM with memories of what I had learned from Basic Seminar of Philippine Seminar Institute (PSI) 2006. What I like about this lesson, is that, it is like a simple formula:
100% Intention+Mechanism=Goal
100% Intention  Is what it matters. Having at least 100% Intention, will start the adrenaline rush in you, to do everything to reach your goal.  100% Intention will give you the spark to be creative in thoughts on ways how to reach your goal. As the saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way.  
MechanismThe ways you defined to reach your goal. Always focus on the goal and everything will flow towards it. 

Now I had decided to write and blog it, I would like to do it with fun. I do like "gadgets" and just in time, I am thinking of having a tablet. But just a thought of a tablet, will not get me one, even I have the budget for it. I need the "mechanism" of choosing one:
"Between iOS or Android, I had chosen Android, because I believe there are more choices of software that will run on it. From here, I started my research and found Android Guy’s video of comparing Asus Transformer Pad 300, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Android Guy presented a short clear table of comparison of two tablets at a time. His videos are about old models, but it has guided and lead me to search for the model that delivers the function I require. This video had help me made my decision within two hours rather days."

My apologies, with the little sidetrack, I could not help but have a little bit of fun with my first blog. Anyway a good lifestyle is a happy lifestyle.

To the readers, thank you very much for visiting. I hope my blog had brought fun and learning to you. I would be very happy if it does.

To end this blog and to start more, I have this picture labeled with my quote:

If you can't walk towards your goal, there is always another way... Climb it!

Until next time.

Angelica (