Time Investment: A Good Read

Last Friday, I forgot to ask my son if he would like to attend the usual one-hour after-school activity. So to make sure I won’t see his long face waiting, I went to fetch him the time school ends. But just in case he attends the after-school activity, I brought a book for me to read.

So I started reading the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Grey. I had this as a send-off-gift from my sister twelve years ago when I flew to England to work. Those early years in the country were one of the exciting times of my life: “New country, new face, new people, new culture, new things to learn.” Now, I am living life and still learning. Anyway, about the book...

The edition of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” was published year 1992. This is an old time popular book!  That is from my perspective. The one hour I invested reading this book had gain me a better way of understanding a person as it shows the beauty of differences between men and women. From the title, possible readers might think it is only for couples. If this book is read with an open mind, it can open the door to understand any individual. It even defines and re-emphasizes oneself in a way we see ourselves being comfortable of being what we are. This state will sure relax your mind and thus releases the feeling of happiness about who we are. It helped in handling my frustration when I did not get the expected behaviour from other people, for now I am reminded that every individual is different from each other in a better perspective.

This book also has a topic of “The Art of Listening”, as the last part of Chapter Five. It is about description of emotions behind the behavior. The explained emotion for every behavioral display is clearly presented to the readers, so favorable responses can be applied later when situation happens again. Listening is not just about words or sounds we hear.  To a higher degree, listening is about finding the emotions from expression and body languages.

Reading is not in my first five of my favourite things to do. Maybe I am just preoccupied of so many tasks. However, when times I could read, it a very useful way to put additional value on my time. I choose to read that will amuse me, make me laugh, or set my mood positively. It is a bonus if I learn from it too. I had and overflowing returns from reading “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. So I thought of sharing it. "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray, is now available in its e-book version from www.kobobooks.com.