One powerful word; or better described as overpowering. It is kind of experience that is with us everyday. It is always there; that is why do not notice it; because we are used to it.

So, what is chaos? In simplest terms, I would describe it as another word: for confusion, disorderliness, unclear or disarray; from which could trigger stress when we are unable to manage or adapt to the inevitable unpleasant situation we are in.

As stress lingers within us, illness could slowly form in different aspects. I am writing from my own experience and would like to share it as an eye opener with the intention of making things better to whoever reads my blog.

Chaos has been and will always be a part of our everyday experiences. Whether we like it or not, we live in surviving the daily chaos around us which comes in different forms. To conquer chaos we create ways, routines to manage it in our lives. We are so good at it; that we don't even notice that chaos is always there.

For example, roles come with responsibilities. These responsibilities are always questioned on how good we accomplished the tasks that comes with it. As a mum, I have to prepare my son as a good student and get him to school on time every Monday to Fridays. He needs to arrive in school with his homework done, with PE kit or correct uniform prepared, and lunch in his bag. To achieve all these as a daily target, I created scheduled routines. For me to start the day right, he has to arrive in school on time and prepared. If we are behind with our schedule I always panic. Panic for me is a prelude to chaos and stress is the closure to my disaster story.

One morning I am running late again. And again, I can’t find any of my hairbands from the box I collected all my hair stuff. This made me feel always frustrated and grumpy. Because I am rush, I just use clips that are available to get my hair in control. The next morning, the same case starts my grump. In a hurry as always, I tried to make do on what I haver and went through the daily routine. What I am not aware of, this unpleasant feeling is building up as part of my routine. The difference is my routines is always the same, but the grump is becoming bigger to undeniable stress.

One night, I am still in a bad mood. Things did not go the way I want that day. This time I feel so stressed out. The feeling is so unpleasantly intense that I want it to stop. So I had myself thinking of the incident that triggers this unhappy emotion. I am surprise to realised that it is all about a very simple thing: my search for the lost hair band in the mornings. This bother me so much because; searching through things I know I had organised is on the top ten of my “I don’t like” list.

To get out the unpleasant feeling or to stop my stress, I need to start the trigger to keep on happening: that is I need stop searching. So I came up with a better way to organise my hair stuff. For immediate remedy, I reuse this four-drawer A5 size storage that was in the loft. It worked! I am not searching for hairbands to start my day, and I noticed I have been smiling instead.

Then I had an eureka moment! I thought of applying the same strategy to resolve the little niggles around me. My better way has also brought back my enthusiasm in what I am and doing living life. As another positive effect, I am improving my weblog The concept is still about my learning in living the lifestyle I chose.

What are new?

  • There is now a menu for different topics just below the heading. You can go from one topic to another to read blogs according to topics you chose. The right side, would always have the icon that connects you to my profile and the archives and adverts that you might be interested to. Here are the breakdowns of topics.

  • "Health and Beauty" is about what I learned from my experience in trying products that works like saving my skin or achieving good health while not breaking the bank.

    3rd of March 2014
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  • "FIY" are about experiences of fixing problems that occurs not often, but if only solution is known, it will definitely save you money and time. Experiences to blog in here are more often computer related.

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  • "Moreish" is about how to improve the “craft of cooking” to eat better while spending less. Everyone likes good food. But eating out is expensive; and buying ready meals too often, is not a good way to practice a healthy lifestyle. Cooking is the best way to get good healthy food in an affordable and controlled way; you know and control what is in your food. Twelve years ago, I could not even cook when I arrived here in England. The need to cook and the desire to cook Filipino food is what made me learn what and where to shop the ingredients I need to cook the menu that I choose. At last I learned to cook! Thank you to my supportive husband. I was happy about what I can cook, until I am challenged by our fuzzy eater, my son. He tells me, that he likes the mash potato from school better than mine. One day we ate out, I ordered bangers and mash. The mash is lovely! I know I can have my mashed cooked this ways if I only know how. I did my research and from different recipes I had mine.

  • "PracticalCrafts" is about "crafting and saving" or "saving by crafting". I try to make things that I need from my resourceful endeavor of recycling what I can find in the house. This blog contains example of works and maybe other peoples work that you might be interested to do. Projects mentioned under this blog could be of any type created for practical use. PracticalCrafts is connected to and http:\\

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As I progress my blogs, there will be more topics under in the future.

Thank you for your time reading. I hope you are able to leave a comment or feedback to help me improve my blog. I also welcome invitations to read your weblog for inspiration for writing.