Summer finally arrived!

The weather seems warmer this time, like from the country where I were born - Philippines. When temperature is this high, we tend to do very little; this is the way our body adjust to the climate. Before we know it, we gain so much weight and we had turned to a "couch potato".

For many women, girls or most females, they dread to have the shape of a pear. (I am one of them.)  But starvation to death using slimming potions is not the answer. You are not wrong, this will work. But I don't think the result will stay long. (I am saying it from my own experience.) Later, you have to decide to eat well or suffer. And when you choose to eat properly, your shape can turn into a balloon in few days, because from that point, eating is all you want to do.

This summer seems to be a good warm one. Take advantage of it while taking care of your health. Good health can take you to the way of having nice shaped body and with high self-esteem. Here are some things you can do this summer.
  • Have an exercise everyday, even just walking. Before going out, apply some sun protection on your skin and make sure you take some water. Give yourself a target, like twenty mile walk for a week. Such you can do by going to work on foot rather driving. Get yourself a gadget to help you in your target like a pedometer. 
  • Enjoy cold fruits as meals. You will be surprise how refreshing the cold fruits can be. If still hungry and your tummy seems not feeling right due to the acids from fruit meals, eat some soda crackers as slow as possible.  Let the crackers reach your digestive system before you take in another one.  Few nuts are also good.
  • If you could, get yourself involve on an exercise or sports program. A program on such will give you target, and can get you to a healthy lifestyle, especially if you choose to have it part of your lifestyle.
  • Remember to match your calorie intake with your daily activities. If you have an active routine, you should eat foods with carbohydrates to supply the energy you need. 
By the way, you don't have to wear two piece sexy swimsuit to enjoy the sunny weather in a beach.  Why not cycle to the woods and reward yourself with a siesta. It is amazing how creative boys can be to have a siesta on the tree.

Fruits in our garden started to ripen. It is so nice to be able pick fruits from the garden and mixed it with ice cream. Sometimes we prefer ice lollies. Another good activity to fill the kid's calendar is cooking. They can do simple ones like make ice lollies to serve to their friends as snack. I have a nice recipe of chocolate mungo, ice lollies which my mum used to make. Click here if you are interested with the recipe.

Couple of years ago, we decide to commit ourselves on a physical activity that we should do at least once a week, whatever the season and all year round. While I do karate lessons once a week with my son, my husband decided to take some break in a day and do at least a five mile walk. This helps him to freshen himself during lunchbreak and relax between stressful working hours. There are lots of activities that are fun to do while sweating the cobwebs out like dancing Zamba, kick boxing exercise, tennis and many more. It may not be enjoyable to start it but there is no harm in trying. It is a bonus if you can do it with your family, like I do karate with my son, rock climbing and sometimes cycling with the family.

Enjoy the summer and good health!