Best holiday ever, until next! (We are not too old, and he is not too young)

We on our way to our four day holiday of good weather, when we heard from Radio 2 the news on economic growth: United Kingdom's economy has grown 6%. Recession is not over but the country is better.

In this blog, I would like to brag about our last holiday which I would say a well spent one.  Through the years, we had been in holidays traveling by plane, by car through eurostar, or car with our trailer tent. But whatever we use to get to our destination, we would like our holiday well spent to be outdoors. Good weather in Mary Poppin’s country is very important for us to enjoy what we to do; such rock climbing, cycling and hiking.  Last year we lost some money spent on booking holiday accommodations that we are unable to avail for some health reasons, or bad weather kept us from aborting our rock climbing.  There was one holiday that we had a flu after arriving from a long haul flight. We spent most of time getting well and worrying how we can all go back if one of us is still sick.

So we created a way to achieve a successful holiday here in United Kingdom - the country you can have snow, rain, hail, sunshine in a day.  We decide to have holidays only with good weather. (Yes, I do sound hopeful.) My husband and I planned to achieve a successful holiday by not planning it; until we get a forecast of the weather of the place we decided to go to.

We choose an accommodation that love by people who are fond of walking, hiking, trekking and scrambling.  It is way of spending the holiday here in U.K..  We choose to have a trailer tent.  It is a two double bed accommodation with a tiny sink and stove to cook our meal.  Since it folds we can store it in the garage with no extra cost.

My husband downsize the trailer tent from the biggest to a smaller one; that he can build it all by himself for as quick as fifteen minutes.  He is pleased with his decision although we are missing the space.  But the trade-off is worth it! He has more easy time in assembling this smaller one on his own.

It will be my first time to be in our second trailer tent with my husband and seven year old son; who is so keen to set a new record for himself: “To reach the peak of Tryfan.”  And I can see it clearly happening...

From making sure that we are all in good health during a weather bathe by sunshine; with just simply having what we need: shelter with nicely cushioned bed, food, correct clothing in almost free-midge campsite with clean toilets that has shower that releases warm water; all these, helps in the success of achieving what we set for our holiday.  And everyone will surely agree with me, success can easily happen again by following a previous success and simply repeating what works.

Another aspect that made sure to happen is the way we choose to go simple; when we define one clear target for all: “To reach the peak of Tryfan with Matthew”.  So we pack clothes, shoes, gears and food for climbing. We did brought extra things, but these books, my hand sewing project and tablet; to keep us occupied and to relax at night.  We keep ourselves focused on our target.

We are all happy that we did.  I am very much pleased that this holiday of three nights and four days only cost us £160 for fuel and accommodation.  Our meals cost us the same as if we are at home.

And the day of holiday in good weather arrived. Tomorrow we have to travel to Snowdonia with a trailer tent pulled by a car. Today we have to prepare our food supply.  We changed planned meals, because our newly bought portable cooler does not seems to work as expected. We also need to prepare our climbing gears; with coats to protect us from sudden rain showers.  We also must remember the sun protective lotion; and the most important for me, are anti-midge spray. Midges, these very tiny bugs could give me giant lumps; and seven of it triggers a fever; and the bites surely leaves a hole that oozes for a week. I love Snowdonia, but I am very hesitant to be in this countryside, for its  rich view of mountains has abundant supply of midges.  But I promise my son that I will climb Tryfan again so I can be with him when he did it for this first time.

Packed and so we went. Twenty miles after, we dropped by the shop to return the coolbox and bought a proper travel fridge that can be powered by the car, gas or electric hookup. This is a bit bulky but very reliable. We entered North Wales, and drove more as fast as we could.  We need to buy Matthew a helmet in Cotsworld, a shop in Betsy-coed, a town of Snowdonia.  The shop was already closed, but non of shop’s assistants had left yet.  One of them open the door for us.  He also assisted us to what helmet is best for my son which made getting it smooth, easy and quick. Soon we are out and heading to the campsite.

We arrived at the campsite.  My husband is very proud showing how easy to build this newly bought trailer tent. It is smaller than the first one but much, much easier to tow, park and assemble. I believe him when he had up for fifteen minutes; which takes about thirty minutes less to do with the previous one. Now it is up, I saw the chaos I need to face. This new caravan has problem with accessibility to what is inside when folded. I found there are not much things in its stow-away storage; and now, I know why our car is crammed with stuff. The things supposed to be inside this caravan is in our car.

So setting up the trailer tent was not that quick at all.  I start writing down the list of things that should be in the caravan.  I also made another list of what I think needs to do with the trailer tent before its next use.  This is a bit of work, but my accomplishment here made me look forward to a better accommodation for our next holiday, out in the mountains. Anyway, I always like the way my time is put into good use.

We end our arrival day bbq dinner which we all enjoy. Then we retire to bed with a book, an ebook and a tablet; then a good night sleep.

The hike to the top

We had fun on our way to the top.  We stopped while Chris prepare the ropes for Matthew's safety.

Matthew is having a rest after enjoy using his legs and arms.

And so we reach the top!

More about Tryfan can be found in

Time to go down

There is a bit of pressure of being back down early in daylight. This climb is our third attempt. Our second attempt was May last year, where it ended as a hike when the weather turned bad. It even snow the following day. We had our accommodation in YHA in Snowdonia, for we are aware that May weather in Wales, could still be very cold.

My son is only five years old, the first time we attempt climbing Tryfan. We could walk on the trek the way up while my son need to climb it. We almost reach the top but we decided to start climbing down for it is getting late. Daylight is on its last hours. It was nine o'clock, and we were racing with the daylight. I looked at my son, I am filled with mixed overwhelming emotions when I saw the midges was swarming him while he make his little steps giving me smiles, as I call him my superstar for being delightful from the start until that time. At the same time, I was also disappointed with thoughts that his Dad has been so inconsiderate of bringing him to far in mountains. We reached the bottom, we are safe. Again I praised my little superstar: for being so trusting, good of keep on going, and not crying, but instead smiling.

After two attempts, Matthew’s desire to climb Tryfan is more persistent. Although I feel that I am getting older for this, his attitude encourages me to keep healthy and fit to support him in the goal he sets for himself. And we did! We had a successful climb, congratulations to Daddy who is our guide and to Matthew who achieved his very-own-set target.

There are many ways to spend a holiday.  As we aged, we have different preferences of how our holidays would be. When I was single, holiday for me is always a reward after hard days of work. As a wife and mother of a seven year old, this last experience of a holiday is a success because we agree on a what we will do. It became rewarding when we agreed on a target and and accomplish it. So I am keen to make the next holiday a success again.

Enjoy the summer holidays!