The Sudden Turn

I like routines.  I always do for it puts order in my life and this gives me a calmer approach to organize each of family member’s daily schedule, menu plans, and to execute a wiser finance and time management for myself.

Routines get disturb at least once a year for me for a good reason – holiday.  This November we had a very unusual disturbance from our routines.  My mother in law passed away. She slept through with the thought of looking forward to see Matthew visiting her in the hospital. While this is just a disturbance for us, it is a sudden turn to my father in law’s life. Halfway towards eighty, his lifestyle changed whether he likes it or not. It is not a choice given to him, but a dictation from life that he must adjust to.

My mother-in-law had been confined in bed for years. So my father in law would wake up in the morning and live life supporting her.  That is his purpose. This sudden turn in his life leads to a one way road of very low visibility due to fog. Like hope, fog lifts and shows the road.

Now December, things are better. But off course it will never be the same again.  We do miss her from time to time. It has become now in our routine to have a family cuddle when this happens.  Off course there are spontaneous warm cuddles when Matthew misses Grandma.

We are all missing you this Christmas.