Get The Good Things Going! (GTGTG)

The first month of the year is almost finish! I still have not figure out my New Years Resolution. New Years Resolutions are very important for me. These gives me direction. It gives me something good to look forward for to happen or to achieve. It is a promise to keep and smile when I remembered as lovely memories.

The absence of "My New Resolutions" for the year is giving me frustration. To cheer myself up, I started thinking of what are the good things happened to me last year. This is making me feel good. So good I want to keep the good things happening and I know, I feel things will only get better.

My son and I do same activities together. But last year, we pushed ourselves a little bit more to get better in swimming and karate. My son's swimming style improved. It moved him up to the next stage. In school swimming, there was a week in October when he moved a level every week. This has boost his confidence and would swim on his own in 6feet deep pool to practice for his survival test in swimming, which he passed. As a mother, the best about this, is the part that he asked if he could practice it on his own to make sure to achieve his goal to pass his test in swimming. He learned to put an effort if he wants to achieve something. I, myself learned to swim front crawl style. I would now swim comfortable in 6feet deep pool. These means, myself and my son can swim together in deeper pools. In Karate, my son and I were granted to move to next stage. We joined brown belt group. We are proud but also nervous for we are aware the discipline required of the group is higher. But we went through last year. We end the year liking Karate even more. The program is helping us to improve ourselves in many aspect especially on the physical side. Although my husband is not taking Karate lessons and prefer to be active in other ways, the result of the karate program help me understand to his needs and be able to organize our family schedule to accommodate his activities. With all these, my son is learning discipline. He might not be able to tell what discipline is in words, I sure know that he knows it well by practice. Through practising his guitar often, he passed his Grade 1, Guitar Exam last December. Off course he is so pleased.

So for this year, I have to get the good things going while get few starting.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!