November of 2012, I started my blogs in I started writing for few reasons. One is to use writing as my way to look around me positively as my next step to move forward. For almost a year, I was stuck in the state of trying to get things done, until I surrender myself to have a great family climbing holiday again later this July. I had my left littlest toe fractured (hit in sparring) three months ago. So I started the holiday with worries about it, but with a positive thought that the holiday will make me stronger. And, it did! Not only that, I am so happy on its outcome, I am also able to start relaxing while doing things I like. One of those things is writing again in So here is what I would like to share.

  • It lifts your cheeks as you smile. A way to avoid any facelift!
  • Snowdonia, North Wales,
    United Kingdom
  • Great ideas are all express on big round eyes, minimizes the wrinkles.
  • It will help manage stress and control your cravings. It gets you on control of yourself.
  • A vitamin for the soul. The excess is used by the body as it charges adrenaline.
  • Decision making is faster! It get things done! Because you are focussed on what works.
  • You reached your target. That was easy! Because you are not bothered or even aware of the obstacles.
  • Whatever you do with it or wherever you use it, will release a ripple effect around you.
  • A continues supplement is a protection for all negative things happening around you.
  • In a competitive environment, you are ahead and you not even aware of it, for you are happy and contented on what you are doing.
  • Or, it can get you high! It perks you up your spirit when you reach your target!
  • Your beauty glows from within. Free beauty treatment, there is nothing else cheaper than that!
  • You can look younger than your age, because you are a cheerful, positive, confident person.
So what else you are waiting for? Be optimistic now!