Affordable Luxury

Have you ever heard about the saying: “There is no such thing as free lunch?”

There can be so many interpretations about this. Mine is, how I can be fair to anyone, anytime in my life. This is about how I can be fair to myself in business, in acquiring what I want and being happy in my achievements. At the end of the day, a good restful sleep is a confirmation that I have been fair for the day.

Off course having the right bed set in acclimatised bedroom is the other half of the matter in having a good sleep. My sleep is my reward to myself for a work well done for the day, or a pat on my back. I highly recommend this practice.

It has been so long since I posted my last blog. It has been a while before I can confidently write this blog with positive recommendation. We were so busy remodelling our bedroom. This project includes replacing our double size bed with a two part super-king size, which off course comes with a tail of requirements. Living in a country with for seasons and temperature can go high as 40° Celsius and low as -5° in Winter requires to have thick and thin duvets, preferably bigger size than the bed. Off course this will need a bet set: Duvet, pillow covers and bed sheets. After all the measuring, decided to go for Emperor size bed set.

But the tail of requirement is longer than I thought. Having known now what we want, I need to think about maintenance or care of the bed set. This is about how to get these washed and the cost. I search for laundry net in our area. I found one far and cost will cost a lot to get the duvet washed.

So I have to hold back our project and rethink on how I can bring the cost of washing my bed set and still able to get my sleep at night in luxury. Luckily blanket size fleeces are available. I found the cheapest from It is not the best fleece material as I expected because it is cheap, but this is all what I need to be a blanket inside the duvet cover. We only have one layer in summer. Now we have two. If weather turns to be more colder, then there is an extra layer for standby. Any because layer can go in our washing machine, I don’t need to call, schedule and pay high a laundry net.

With prices rising every day, we look for bargains. We even tried ways of how to get things for free. There is nothing wrong with it. What we don’t realised, there is no such thing as free. For example, free apps, free software comes with free adverts and can come with free virus or tagged with spam or location detector. For bargains, if not bought from sale, we expect quality to be less than the expensive ones, but there is always it can be done to get more value from it, if we only put more effort to make it work base on our specification. This my way of able to afford “luxury”.

Happy New Year!

Note: I bought five blanket fleeces. These had stretched during my sewing, so I end up needed only three. I am selling the other two blanket fleeces in the same prize I bought it. Here is my shop: